Ruminating with Rumi

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 6, 2020

Montecito’s Rumi Educational Center’s mission is to spread understanding of the poetry of the famed Sufi mystic Jala Al Din Rumi in order to promote his wisdom teachings of Universal Love. The goal is to enable learners of all backgrounds to experience the messages of pluralism, tolerance, humanism and non-violence that are rooted in Rumi’s scholarship and the genuine understanding of Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam. Among the center’s ongoing activities are monthly “My Religion is Love” study groups, held on the second Sunday of the month from 2-3:30 pm at Montecito Community Hall, 1469 East Valley Road. (Next meeting is February 9). Led by Dr. Fariba Enteshari, the founder and director of the Rumi Educational Center, the group meets to contemplate the concept that universal love is the source of all aspects of love in our daily life, including compassionate love, romantic love, spiritual (agape) love, and beyond. Participants will learn about ancient teachings within the poetry Rumi wrote – 60,000 verses in all – 800 years ago in a restless era where the world around him was divided and at war. Rumi’s poetry and teachings encourage unity, consciousness, and enrichment of our hearts. While Rumi’s teachings and poetry are inclusive, they also help the individuals to a personal connection to the Divine. Gather together to explore the secret within his poems that took him to ecstasy, unity and love. The gatherings are interactive and encourages the group members to share their stories. The seekers will be sharing their reflections on poems and are encouraged to journal their reflections. Music, meditation, and movement will also be a part of some of the gatherings. Get more information and pre-register online at


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