Dreams and How Spirit Guides Script Them

By Steven Libowitz   |   February 6, 2020

Dave Cumes, M.D., leads a two-hour workshop that applies the Shamanic method of dream interpretation in which a psychological interpretation of dreams is seriously limited. To shamans, dreams are often “instructional” in nature and are a gateway to a field of non-localized space/time information through which our spirit guides help us. Cumes will help participants discover how these methods differ, how spirit guides script our dreams, and how to interpret them, and then have a chance to share their dreams with classmates. The 10 am to 12 noon class on Saturday, February 8, which costs $19, takes place at the Tannahill Auditorium on SBCC School of Extended Learning’s Schott Campus. Visit www.sbcc.edu/extendedlearning.


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