Welcome to Elemental Wellness

By Steven Libowitz   |   January 30, 2020

Ninaya Nancy Strandberg and William Gale’s new Elemental Wellness Events series promises quarterly group circle seasonal experiences that are both soulful and sensational. Whereas the couple’s previous recent workshops were geared toward other couples, the new series can be enjoyed as individuals also. Each of the one-day mini-retreats will involve intimate coed sharing circles, therapeutic healing arts and play, and processing, mostly held in the yurt located at Rockwood Sanctuary nestled in Mission Canyon. Gale, LMFT, who employs Hakomi Mindfulness – Centered Somatic Therapy and Attachment-Focused EMDR among other techniques, and Strandberg, a holistic health practitioner specializing in water therapies – the owners of the private sacred space – count 60 years of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in the healing arts and self-realization practices between them. Participants will have the opportunity to connect, process, and relax immersed in natural beauty, peacefulness, and loving kindness, and enjoy love-infused food while listening to transformational heart talks and engaging in elemental healing arts.

The Winter event, slated for this Saturday, February 2, carries a “Water ~ Dream” theme, with a focus on vision and intention setting practices. Spring’s offering, “Air ~ Cleansing,” focusing on clarity and new beginnings practices, takes place April 26; Summer’s “Fire ~ Celebration” event, with attention on action and creativity practices, happens on July 26; and the series concludes on October 18 with Fall’s “Earth ~ Harvest” themed event, incorporating nourishment and reflection practices. Each event costs $175 per person ($150 if paid online one month in advance). Call or visit their websites – 805-252-6716 / www.WilliamGale.com, 805-637-2387/ www.Ninaya.com – for more detailed information.


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