New Start for Art

By Richard Mineards   |   November 21, 2019
Mary McBurnie displaying “Live Body Painting” (photo by Priscilla)
Joan Sanger and Tom Dain congratulating Judi Weisbart on her artwork display (photo by Priscilla)

The La Cumbre Center for the Creative Arts using 7,000 sq.ft. of space in formerly empty stores in the sprawling shopping complex has just launched.

The new project, with local artists leasing the spaces at a much reduced rent, is the brainchild of businessman Mike Cregan.

“I was walking the streets of New York and had an epiphany when I noticed the diverse and stimulating mix of businesses on every block,” says Mike. “They often included art galleries and artwork spaces.”

When he returned to Santa Barbara he arranged a one-year lease for three former store spaces, including Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors, and brought in 24 diverse and inspirational artists to create a vibrant environment – breathing life back into a space hit hard by the bricks and mortar retail crash.

The vision for the artists is to make La Cumbre Center for the Creative Arts a haven for members of the community to connect with their unique creative voice.

“Last Dance at the Bee Hive” by Lynn and Karen (photo by Priscilla)

“The center fills a void in the art community by providing affordable studio and gallery spaces, classes, guidance and resources for artists striving to reach the summit of their creative and professional journeys,” adds Mike.

The two dozen artists include painters, sculptors, photographers, and 3D printers. Among them are Judi Weisbart, Lyz Rothman, Kenji Fukudome, Brian Woolford, Judy Villa, Marie Arnold, Brian MacDonald, and Michael Mead.

In due course dance, music, drama and the culinary arts will be added to the magical mix.

And just in time for Christmas…


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