The Great SCAPE

By Richard Mineards   |   July 18, 2019
Dorene White paddles her wares

Prepare to be oar struck with the latest exhibition at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

Dorene White, a resident of Montecito for more than 30 years, and other members of SCAPE – Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment – will be exhibiting their colorful work.

Dorene, a past president, is often seen at work on her brother’s boat and her kayak in the Channel Islands, and, as she puts it, “anywhere there’s nature.”

“I’ve always been doing some art throughout my life, but have been obsessed for about fifteen years.”

She has gone out on Sea Landing boats to the islands with David Gallup and 20 other artists at a time for five-day trips, where she paints from her kayak, especially cave areas around Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands.

Dorene can be seen painting on land and sea, usually with her dog Gracie nearby. But being close to home in our rarefied enclave with her husband, Gil, her three stepchildren, and eight grandchildren tops the list.


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