How We’re Voting: The California Primary

By James Buckley   |   May 31, 2018

In case you missed last week’s Coming & Going, in which we made our upcoming primary election endorsements, preferences, and suggestions, what follows is an edited version of same, with the addition of races and positions not previously covered:

Governor of California: John Cox

Lieutenant Governor: Cole Harris

Secretary of State: Raul Rodriguez, Jr.

Controller: Konstantinos Roditis

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

Attorney General: No preference

Insurance Commissioner: No preference

2nd District Board of Equalization: Mark Burns

U.S. Senate: Kevin Mottus

U.S. Representative, 24th District: Justin Fareed 

State Assembly, 37th District: Sofia Collin 

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Marshall Tuck

County Superintendent of Schools: Susan Salcido

County Auditor-Controller: Jen Christensen

County Clerk: Joseph E. Holland

District Attorney: Joyce E. Dudley

County Sheriff: Bill Brown

Treasurer-Tax Collector: Harry E. Hagen

Prop 68: No

Prop 69: No preference

Prop 70: No

Prop 71: No preference

Prop 72: Yes

Cannabis Tax: Yes


Most Montecito voting will take place at El Montecito Presbyterian Church Parish Hall at 1455 East Valley Road.


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