Holly Malmsten: Energy Healer

By Dalina Michaels   |   April 22, 2021

According to a Bloomberg report in September, 2020, Americans spend $1,200 a year on average on prescription drugs. Per person, per year. That’s more than anyone else in the world. 

Holly Malmsten is a certified holistic practitioner and emotional healing specialist

And that’s crazy, according to Montecito mom and energy healer Holly Malmsten.

“Not only are Americans getting sicker, weaker, experiencing more anxiety and depression than ever in history, despite the large amounts of money spent on pharmaceuticals, we have become a country that just treats the symptoms but doesn’t get to the root of the problem. The real issue. And the real issue often is at someone’s core – in the energy they carry,” she explains.

Malmsten is not your traditional energy guru. First, she has a degree in sociology and a master’s in clinical counseling. So, she has the traditional “mental wellness background.” 

However, traditional was not cutting it for Malmsten and her family.

“I was not feeling well. I was always tired and so doctors initially put me on thyroid medicine. They said my adrenal glands were stressed and fatigued.”

That very well could have been the case, especially since Malmsten was raising four young daughters and working as a mental health counselor. She had a full plate. And yet, even with the medicines and supplements doctors prescribed, she wasn’t getting better; she was just maintaining. 

“I realized something needed to change, and I needed to make the change.” So she started where everyone starts these days… with a Google search.

“I had heard about energy healing and energy frequencies but didn’t know much about it – and it also sounded a little ‘out there,’ to be truly candid. But I wanted to learn more and see what it all was about.”

Through research into the holistic side of health medicine and an intensive nine-month course in energy healing, Malmsten began finding out the underlying cause of her fatigue and stress: “If you are holding internal stress in your body, a low-frequency pattern will resonate and affect your natural abilities to heal and repair, and continue to bring you down.” 

Malmsten began testing energy frequencies in her own body and learned that the energy system interconnects the body, mind, and spirit and can become blocked. “While the concept of energy healing has been around for hundreds of years, the bottom line is that the quality of the energy system in your body is going to determine your overall state,” says Malmsten.

Ryan and Holly Malmsten with their daughters Riley, Maddie, Sage, and Jayna

Once Malmsten discovered this connection, “the Holy Grail” as she calls it, she decided she wanted to combine the holistic understanding of the body, mind, and spirit, with her counseling background for mental health and emotional healing.

She starts by testing for blockages, imbalances, or low frequency patterns in the energy system with muscle testing. Muscle testing is a form of applied kinesiology and has been around since the 1970s.   

Malmsten says energy healing is, in fact, extremely scientific. “It has a lot to do with quantum physics in the body and tracking the energetic waves and electrical signals firing between the nervous system and the brain. Basically, physicists have found that human cells vibrate in hertz (measurements), just like sound waves. Thoughts, emotions, memories, and beliefs affect cellular vibration quality and affect your energy system’s state. Common human emotions have already been measured and mapped out to show the quality of energy generated from specific emotions. Joy is 540 hertz, but fear is low and measures at below 100 hertz. So, if you have fear flowing through your body, then the body can’t heal itself because it doesn’t have the fuel to move through.”

She goes on to explain: “Once the low emotional energy is released, or blockages removed, then the stress mode switch is turned off and you can be in a balanced state of homeostasis.” In this ideal state, natural healing, repairing, and recovering mechanisms are turned on. The body then has the available energy to heal and repair itself and to recover from adversities.

“When you hold stress, it causes certain parts of the brain to shut down. The creative part of the brain shuts off to ‘flee’ or ‘fight.’ This will manifest itself in all aspects of your life.

“I found I had two types of clients: those who had gone through a specific traumatic event (like the Montecito debris flow), and those who just felt they could not move forward in their lives in a healthy and happy way because of various reasons.”

Before Malmsten began practicing this on clients, she had her own source of studying – her family. “I practiced this on my kids at first. They would come to me if they felt stressed about school, or worried about a test… I would do the energy healing and they would right away feel lighter and happier and so I knew it was working on the cellular level.”

The best part of energy medicine is that there are no negative side effects, and most importantly, you will hopefully be more equipped to handle stress in the future. 

Nowadays, with her four daughters – ages 20, 17, 15, and 13 who are competitive surfers – and husband, Ryan, who is a realtor, Malmsten is excited to be sharing her energy healing and counseling with others. So, with energy healing and taking care of her own family, how does Malmsten find time for self-care for herself? “A perfect day for me is taking a walk on Butterfly Beach, going surfing as a family, and having fajitas on the patio at Los Arroyos for dinner.

 “I love what I do and so I really enjoy going to work and helping my clients. I am also writing a book to help simplify and demystify the concept of energy healing – and how the energy system determines whether a person can heal and overcome adversity.”

To learn more about Malmsten, check out her website: www.hmholistichealth.com

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